What’s on my iPhone?

I’ve been into watching “What’s on my iPhone” videos lately. For me, it is a fun way to discover cool new apps.  So I thought I’d write a non-beauty related post and share the apps that I keep on my phone : )

I change my wallpaper from time to time. Currently both of my lock screen and home screen backgrounds are by my favorite fashion illustrator Garance Doré. I found them on Pinterest.


On my front page are all the basic apps that come with the iPhone. Except for Coletto, Oshare Weather, and Bloomberg Business.
And that folder in the corner is filled with pre-installed Apple apps that I rarely use.
In the bottom bar I have the original dock apps: Phone, Mail, Safari, and Music.


Page two consists of the media apps that I check most often, and PochiReco, a kawaii app I use to keep track of all my expenses.


Page three is the “folder” page. I arrange the rest of the applications into groups and keep them on top of the screen.


My most used utility app has to be Calculator. I’m terrible at mental arithmetic. It saves me a lot of time.
Scanbot is brilliant. You just take a picture of the document you want to scan with your phone and it automatically turns into a PDF. It also scans QR code!
Yurekuru Call is an earthquake alert app. Which sends push notification with an estimated seismic scale and arrival time to your location. I find it quite useful.


 法语助手 Frhelper is by far the best French-Chinese dictionary I came across. It offers example sentences, audio pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, conjugation, etc. And it gives definition in Chinese, French and English.


I don’t play games that much anymore but I still keep some of my old favorites like Wa Kingyo LEねこ村, and Snoopy’s Street Fair.


I have a bunch of different messaging apps that I use for work and to stay connected with friends and family.


I take all of my photos on my iPhone. When I want to do some editing, these are my go-to apps.
PopCamSnapeee, and 楽画cute all contain a variety of stickers, stamps, and frames for decoration and allow you to add text to pictures.
cameran collage features stylish backgrounds and stamps and lets you create magazine style collages freely.
ClipCrop has many structural options and, in my opinion, fits your image into a square frame tastefully.
Lumiè provides gorgeous light filters and is very easy to use. I love its cosmos effect.
Everyone knows Afterlight. It is very popular and my favorite for quick edits.
ProCam 2 is for when I have time to play around with its huge expert-level features. 99% of the time I prefer Apple’s default camera .
Brushstroke is a cool app that transforms your photos into beautiful paintings. I like that you can add your signature to your picture as if signing a real art piece.


The only app I still use here is Phonto. I should have deleted this folder already.


I love Instapaper‘s interface. It’s very neat. Sometimes I just save an article to Instapaper to read it in a better format.
MapleBoy enables me to catch up on my Korean dramas on the go.
I basically only use PINK Nation to PINK my pictures. It probably makes more sense that I move it to my photography folder…
Collage Clock is an old app I like very much. Although there hasn’t been an update for years, I just can’t bring myself to delete it.


When I am restless at night, I turn on Sleep Pillow and listen to the sounds of rain/fireplace/metronome. For some reason, it does help me fall asleep.
Selene is a very simple period tracker. You just enter your period history and they predict your cycle. And you can set how many days in advance you want to be notified of your due date.
Walking Hello Kitty is a pedometer, a very cute pedometer.
Obviously I downloaded Casual Diet for their cute design. I just got it last week and haven’t really tried it yet.

And that’s it. That’s pretty much what’s on my iPhone.
I hope it’s not too boring.


One thought on “What’s on my iPhone?

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