my winter makeup


It’s that time of year again when I feel like I’m entering hibernation mode. All I want to do is spend as much time snuggling under my cozy duvet as possible in the morning. Therefore, I’ve gathered my current favorite makeup and followed an easy lazy routine which is quick enough to get me out of the door on time.

I start off with primer. Lately I fall back in love with the Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++. It doubles nicely as a primer as well as a sunscreen for me. To use it, you must shake the tube up very well. The texture is thin and fluid. It applies clear on skin and sets quickly. My only gripe is its big price tag.
Then I apply Clé de Peau Beauté Silky Cream Foundation with my fingertips. This foundation feels almost like Chantecaille Just Skin but with a much better coverage. It improves the natural state of my complexion, leaves a natural dewy finish, and very importantly lets my skin breathe.
To set my foundation, I take a fluffy brush and dust a sheer amount of Chantecaille Talc Free Loose Powder all over the face.

My eyebrows are naturally sparse, especially on the tail end. So I need to pencil them in before I leave the house, whether I wear makeup or no makeup. I don’t want to scare people : )
I find Cardinale Dual Eyebrow very practical. It features a retractable fine tip pencil, a powder filled sponge applicator, and a spoolie. Convenient for harried mornings.
Usually I use Canmake Eyebrow Liquid pen to fill in my outer part of brow and lightly extend the tail. It’s much longer lasting than pencil or powder. As for the inner part of my brow, I prefer to use the sponge-tip applicator of Cardinale Dual Eyebrow. I just think powder looks more natural in this portion.
I finish with Sweets Sweets Chiffon Color Brow mascara to add hold and definition.

For my eyes, I first apply Canmake Lasting Multi Eye Base WP. It’s thick and slightly sticky. But it does its job well and is very affordable. I suggest warming it up with your fingers before application.
I tightline with Paul & Joe Waterproof Eyeliner. This retractable pencil liner is very pigmented and super easy to apply. I would definitely repurchase.
Then I draw a thin line along my upper lash line with a brown liner. The one I’m using now is Chantecaille 24 Hour Waterproof Eye Liner in Oolong.
I basically only use (dark) brown mascara. Currently I alternate between Sweets Sweets Delicious Long Lash in 02 and Elégance Wing Splendor Mascara in BK11 (LE).
This is pretty much all that I do most of the time.
I don’t wear eyeshadow on a daily basis. But when I do, I gravitate towards eyeshadow quads. Eyeshadow quads are a time saver in my opinion. They often have a theme and contain four coordinating shades. I don’t have to think about what colors go well together. My go-to palette at the moment is the Elégance Nouvelle Eyes in 103 (LE). It is from this year’s Elégance holiday coffret.

Onto the cheeks and lips. I’ve been loving Three Color Veil For Cheeks in shade 05 November Rhapsody. Three blushes are among my favorite formulas. The powder is so fine that it doesn’t emphasize pores. It blends beautifully and naturally with the skin.
I choose my lipstick shade depending on my mood. Or the weather. Sometimes I opt for a bright hue on a gloomy day. This month I have 3 lipsticks on high rotation: Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist 13 AkanebaraChanel Rouge Coco 426 Roussy, and Paul & Joe lipstick 104 Mademoiselle.
imageElégance Nouvelle Eyes 103 (LE) エレガンス ヌーヴェルアイズ 103 (限定品)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

CHANTECAILLE Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++ 香緹卡防晒修護隔離乳
clé de pau BEAUTÉ silky cream foundation 肌膚之鑰光緞粉霜
CHANTECAILLE Talc Free Loose Powder 香緹卡絲柔蜜粉
CARDINALE (カルディナーレ) Dual Eyebrow 01 專業兩用眉筆
CANMAKE eyebrow liquid 01 持久水凝眉毛液
SWEETS SWEETS Chiffon Color Brow 02 眉彩膏
CANMAKE Lasting Multi Eyebase 多用途眼影底膏
Elégance (エレガンス) Nouvelle Eyes 103 (LE) 魅晶四射眼影盤
PAUL & JOE Waterproof Eyeliner 01 防水啫喱眼線筆
CHANTECAILLE 24 Hour Waterproof Eye Liner Oolong 防水抗暈眼線筆
SWEETS SWEETS Delicious Long Lash 02 睫毛膏
Elégance (エレガンス) Wing Splendor Mascara BK11 (LE) 濃翹睫毛膏
THREE color veil for cheeks 05 November Rhapsody 魅光修容
PAUL & JOE lipstick case L 002 聖誕限量唇膏殼
PAUL & JOE lipstick refill (sheer) 104 Mademoiselle 水嫩透亮唇膏
CHANEL Rouge Coco 426 Roussy 香奈兒Coco唇膏
SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist 13 Akanebara 豐盈光澤唇膏


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