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I haven’t really tried any new skincare products for quite a while. How unexciting. I find myself reaching for my tried-and-true products almost every day and I don’t get bored yet. Hence, my lack of skincare post and blossoming obsession with makeup.
我有一段時間沒怎麼嘗試新的保養品了 非常枯燥無趣吧
我發現我最常用的還是那些用過的對我來說有效的愛用品 日復一日仍未感到厭煩
因此 有點久沒寫保養的東西了 且漸漸地迷上彩妝

Here is a round up of the beauty items that I have accrued and not yet shared my thoughts on.
這幾樣是我沒寫過的產品 累積了一些時候 來簡短地分享一下我的感受

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt 海鹽舒緩頭皮潔淨霜
I got this in a sample size with my order last year. I was hesitant to give it a go at first because I was afraid it would dry my hair out. But I’m glad I did. My scalp feels airy and really clean after use. I just have to apply a little more conditioner than usual to my hair.
一開始我有點遲疑不敢用 怕頭髮會變得太乾 幸好我最後還是試了
洗後頭皮變得很乾淨 頭也跟著很輕盈起來 (滿好用的)

Roiche (ロイーシェ) Oil Scrub (オイル スクラブ) 身體油磨砂
This scrub is made of salt & sugar with super moisturizing ingredients like jojoba oil, rose oil, olive oil and grape seed oil. It makes a good body scrub in the winter without feeling overly abrasive. And it leaves my skin with a lightly silky moisturized feel straight away.
由糖&鹽製成的磨砂膏 蘊含荷荷芭油、玫瑰油、橄欖油及葡萄籽油等保濕成分
滿適合冬天的 顆粒不刮肌膚 去完角質肌膚同時感到柔滑潤澤

La Mer The Renewal Oil 再生活膚精華油
The oil itself is thin and quickly absorbed. I can use it as primer underneath makeup. Which I really like. I also like to pair it with the Crème de La Mer to give my skin a hydration boost. I was about to shell out for a full-sized bottle but then I spotted the second ingredient on the list: dimethicone. Now I’m baffled, undecided.
屬於比較清爽質地的一款精華油 吸收很快 可以用作妝前打底 我很喜歡
我也喜歡拿它搭配La Mer自家的乳霜來增強保濕度
我原本已經準備要買一瓶正裝了 卻看到外盒成分表上列的第二個成分是dimethicone
我現在卡在這個成分 猶豫不決中

La Mer The Moisturizing Cream 經典乳霜
Even though I have dehydrated combination skin, I always like the richness of the original cream. With the right application technique, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. I only use it in the colder months or when my skin reacts to seasonal changes. A 30ml pot can last me a year.
雖然我是缺水的混合皮 我一直都很喜歡La Mer經典乳霜的豐潤感
照著正確的使用方法 搽起來並不油膩
我只在冷天 或是換季皮膚不穩定的時期用它

La Mer The Hand Treatment 護手霜
Another gift with purchase that I really enjoy. It feels moisturizing and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue. I may be hallucinating but my hands are softer.
擦起來滿保濕的 不會黏
有可能是我的幻覺 不過我覺得我的手變得比較柔軟

 Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste & Jasmin Mint Toothpaste 亮白薄荷&茉莉薄荷牙膏
The apothecary-style tube looks pretty. The unusual flavors taste nice. This toothpaste makes my life more enjoyable when I am brushing my teeth. I especially like the jasmine scent.
漂亮的歐洲古老藥妝風格包裝 不錯的獨特口味

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil 雪花秀順行潔顏油
The name says it all. It truly is gentle and formulated with “traditional Korean herbs”. It melts away all makeup, even mascara. I like how fresh and comfortable it makes my skin feel. What is more is it does not cloud up my eyes. Would I repurchase? Yes.
如同(英文)名稱所述 是很溫和的一瓶”韓方草本調配”卸妝油
全臉都能卸得很乾淨 睫毛膏也卸得掉
我喜歡洗後皮膚清爽舒服的感覺 (沒有緊繃感)
更重要的是當我拿來卸眼妝時 眼睛不會感到霧霧的

Chantecaille Le Chrome Luxe Eye Duo in Tibet 閃爍奢華雙色眼影”西藏”
This eyeshadow duo is so beautiful that I decide it deserves a mention in a skin/hair/body care post. I’m not making any sense, am I? It has a dark brown and a shimmering light grey. They are both shimmery in a sophisticated way. The picture doesn’t do them justice. Check out how gorgeous they look in Chantecaille’s tutorial.
這塊雙色眼影是如此美麗 值得在保養文中一提 這是什麼邏輯?
左邊是深褐色 右邊是銀灰色
兩色的珠光都很細緻 閃得很優雅
照片拍醜了 香緹卡的tutorial畫得超美的


Chantecaille Le Chrome Luxe Eye Duo – Tibet 香緹卡閃爍奢華雙色眼影 – 西藏


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