DECORTÉ Liposome Treatment Liquid


COSME DECORTÉ Liposome Treatment Liquid
黛珂 超微脂修護源露

My love affair with Decorté Liposome Treatment Liquid began a little over two months ago. On an afternoon while I was waiting for a friend at Hankyu and feeling a little spendy. Now I’m on my second bottle. I guess it’s getting serious.
兩個多月前的某個下午 當我在阪急等朋友時 忍不住手癢 想買點東西
能讓我用完一瓶還緊接著第二瓶的 我想這應該算是真愛吧

It is a clear liquid infused with humectants and botanical extracts. It has a faint fragrance reminiscent of Vita de Rêve. Which fades quickly down to barely perceptible.
成分中添加了保濕劑及植物萃取 倒出來是透明無色的液狀
帶有一股淡淡的花香 像似紫蘇水(甦妍淨化前導液) 不過味道很快就消失了

After cleansing, whether it’s morning or night, I soak a cotton pad and gently swipe all over my face and neck. Despite its very watery consistency, it is really hydrating. It helps quench my skin’s thirst without leaving any residue. Somehow I also feel that my serum and moisturizer sink in faster. Hopefully it’s not me imagining things.
早晚清潔完臉後 我都用它沾濕化粧棉 輕搽全臉和脖子
雖然它的質地很水 毫無黏膩感 卻相當補水
幫我的臉解渴 解救了我乾荒的肌膚
後面上的精華和面霜感覺也吸收的更快 但願這不是我自己的想像

 All in all my dehydrated combination skin loves it. It ranks among my favorite toners. I highly recommend it. But if you have really dry skin, I think clé de peau BEAUTÉ’s Synactif lotion might be more effective.
總之 它很合我缺水的混合皮 是我最愛的化粧水之一
不過 對於沙漠大乾皮 我想肌膚之鑰的創 ‧ 極致淨白露會更保濕



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