current skincare bits 我的日常保養


My daily skincare regimen pretty much runs on autopilot these days,
mainly because I don’t have a whole lot of time, and
also because I’ve managed to whittle down to a handful of products that work nicely for me.
近日的日常保養同例行工作般處於自動模式 完全不用動腦


Before I start waffling on, I should tell you about my skin.
My skin is oilier in summer and dry in winter. It is prone to dehydration and hormonal acne and can be sensitive at times.
在我開始胡扯之前 先大概說下我的膚況
我夏天混合偏油 冬天乾皮 容易缺水 會冒生理痘 有時還有點敏感


1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser: Chantecaille Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser
2. Tone with a hydrating toner: Decorté Liposome Treatment Liquid
3. Hydrate with a brightening serum: Chantecaille Blanc Gardenia Whitening Essence
4. Treat my eyes with an eye cream: Chantecaille Stress Repair Concentrate
5. Moisturize with a cream that has SPF in it: Cosme Decorte AQMW Day Cream

I wash my face every morning with a cleanser to remove any dead skin cells or residue left behind from the night before. My cleanser choice of late is the Chantecaille Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser. I first tried it over six years ago and it remains one of my favorite cleansers to date. It leaves my skin clean and soft without feeling dry. The price can be off-putting, but a tiny dab is sufficient to work up a decent lather and this small tube really lasts a long time.
早上我還是習慣用洗面乳洗臉 清潔一夜的油脂汗液老化角質或殘留之類的
第一次用是在六年前吧 到現在還是很喜歡
洗完不干 有種皮膚軟嫩乾淨感
雖然價格有些令人討厭 但一點點就能揉出泡沫 可以用蠻久的

Toners play an important role in my skincare routine although some view them as unnecessary. Personally, I find that when my skin is rehydrated and still slightly moist, whatever product I apply to it next is absorbed more easily and quickly. I’ve been using the Decorté Liposome Treatment Liquid (← review) since I discovered it earlier this year.
儘管有化粧水很多餘的說法 對我而言卻很必須
我只要皮膚補足水還有點微濕時 緊接著搽上任何保養品 都感覺吸收的更快也更容易
自從今年早些時候發現黛珂超微脂修護源露(← review)後我就一直用到現在

With the summer comes more sun and longer days, I become a bit more paranoid about sun damage and what it can cause. So apart from the indispensable sunscreen, I usually incorporate brightening serum into my regime to help keep future pigmentation at bay. This summer I decided to take a chance on Chantecaille Blanc Gardenia Whitening Essence. Whilst I can’t attest to its effectiveness yet, I can say it’s quite hydrating. It has a light consistency and a faintly floral scent (gardenia I suppose). Very pleasant to use.
隨著夏天到來 陽光多日照長 不自覺就會變得比平常更焦慮擔心日曬的影響
所以除了必不可少的防曬 通常還會搽美白精華 希望可以避免膚色不均斑點發生
效果嘛還不知道 可用起來還蠻保濕的
質地水潤 有非常淡的天然香味 (大概是梔子花吧) 使用感很好

As my under eye area is always dry, I diligently dab on eye cream every morning and night. My go-to eye cream these days is the Chantecaille Stress Repair Concentrate which contains caffeine, hexapeptide and plenty of plant extracts. It keeps the skin around my eyes nicely moisturized and sits well underneath makeup. I’ve tried many eye creams and this is the only one that I’ve repurchased so far.
我早晚都很勤奮的搽眼霜 因為眼下部分總是很乾  ╮(╯_╰)╭
目前在用的是老朋友香緹卡鑽石級眼霜 其成分中含有咖啡因 六胜肽 及 植物萃取
眼周皮膚保濕潤澤有感 不影響化妝
買過試過滿多眼霜 這罐是我唯一回購過的 至少目前為止

AQMW Day Cream from Cosme Decorte had me somewhat surprised. When I first tested it out on my hand, it felt a little greasy to the touch. However, it’s not heavy at all on my combination dehydrated skin. It gives a nice, nourishing feel. This creamy formula spreads easily, does not interfere with my makeup, and contains an SPF of 20 PA++. It doesn’t do wonders but I think it’s a nice day cream for late summer and autumn.
第一次試在手背上 覺得有點油感 不過實際上臉卻一點都不厚重 反而是剛剛好的潤感
質地柔潤非常容易推開 不會和底妝打架 帶有SPF20 PA++
沒有什麼特別或奇效 但做為夏末秋天的日霜還不錯

1. Take off eye makeup with Paul & Joe Eye Makeup Remover WP
2. Remove base makeup with Cosme Decorte AQMW Cleansing Emulsion
3. Cleanse skin with Cosme Decorte AQMW Facial Bar
4. Tone with a hydrating toner: Decorté Liposome Treatment Liquid
5. Hydrate with my favorite serum/face oil combo: Chantecaille Blanc Gardenia Whitening Essence and Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Oil
6. Treat my eyes with an eye cream: Chantecaille Stress Repair Concentrate
7. Moisturize with an anti-aging moisturizer:  Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Oil Free Fluid or Chantecaille Retinol Intense Plus

I double cleanse every night if I have makeup on. I begin with the Paul & Joe Eye Makeup Remover WP. This is a good old bi-phase remover in a retro girly glass bottle ❤️. I just soak a cotton pad in the solution and press them over my eyes for a minute or so. Then I take two pumps of Cosme Decorte AQMW Cleansing Emulsion, rub it into my dry face and neck, and tissue off.
只要有上妝的日子 我就一定先卸妝
先用眼唇卸妝液卸眼妝 將化妝棉沾濕後 敷在眼上大約60秒
PAUL & JOE 防水眼妝專用卸妝液是雙層油水分離的經典好配方
然後按兩泵黛珂AQMW煥采卸粧乳 在干臉/頸上按摩打圈 最後用化妝棉拭掉

Once all my make-up is off, I do a second cleanse with Cosme Decorte AQMW Facial Bar. Which I’ve been using for a few months from the two 15g miniature sample bars I received as a gift with purchase. I like how easy it is to lather into a rich creamy foam without the help of a foaming net. It also feels gentle and hydrating to use.
夜間潔面我用的是黛珂AQMW洗顏皂小樣 小小的15g一塊贈品
我喜歡它輕易就能搓出很多泡泡 不用派起泡網出場

I pretty much go for the same toner, serum, eye cream routine as I do in the morning, except that I mix in a few drops of facial oil to amp up the moisture. What I normally do is drip two drops of Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Oil and mix it with two drops of Chantecaille Blanc Gardenia Whitening Essence before topping it up with a layer of moisturiser. Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Oil is a blend of all natural botanicals* including Rose de Mai, Camellia Japonica, Evening Primrose, Rosa Canina, Rose Damascena, and Rose Geranium. It’s absorbed quickly and doesn’t break me out. Best of all, it’s light enough for me to use on muggy days.
夜間的化粧水精華眼霜步驟基本上和日間相同 只是另外在精華中滴入面油來加強保濕
香緹卡五月玫瑰花妍極萃精華油100% naturelle
含有五月玫瑰 山茶花 月見草 玫瑰果 大馬士革玫瑰 玫瑰天竺葵等許多植物精萃
吸收很快 不爆痘 最棒的是質地很輕 在悶熱潮濕的日子也能用

And lastly, nighttime moisturiser. I have two products that I rotate in this step and they are both wonderful in my opinion. The first one is the Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Oil Free Fluid. It is an ultralight anti-aging moisturiser that is easily absorbed by the skin which I think is ideal for summer and suitable for oily/combo skin. It’s great at making my combo skin feel hydrated and comfortable. The other one is Chantecaille Retinol Intense Plus. This is the moisturiser that I always go back and back and back to. It’s made my skin smoother and clearer. I had purchased the original version multiple times before it was reformulated. It was good then and I think it’s even better now. It is as gentle and lightweight as the old formula but feels more hydrating.
最後一項 保濕乳/霜 目前我有兩個在交替使用 覺得都很好用
第一個是香緹卡鑽石級乳液 質地超輕薄的抗老乳液
吸收很快 非常適合夏天 也很適合油皮混合皮
至少在炎炎夏日 讓混合肌的我覺得很舒服 很有保濕感
另一個是香緹卡花妍煥采青春露PLUS 一個我不斷回購又回購的夜乳
舊版不錯用 我買過好幾次 升級版更好用 同樣溫和輕薄的質地卻感覺更保濕了

*sweet almond oil, squalane, apricot kernel oil, Rose de Mai flower extract, borage seed oil, grape seed oil, tamanu oil, Japanese camellia oil, evening primrose oil, raspberry oil, rose hip oil, paracress extract, algae extract, rapeseed oil, damask rose flower oil, rose geranium oil, rosemary leaf extract, and tree bark extract


~~~ 產品清單 ~~~
COSME DECORTE AQMW Cleansing Emulsion  黛珂AQMW煥采卸粧乳
DECORTÉ Liposome Treat Liquid  黛珂超微脂修護源露
CHANTECAILLE Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser  香緹卡花妍泡沫潔面乳
CHANTECAILLE Blanc Gardenia Whitening Essence  香緹卡梔子花美白精華
CHANTECAILLE Rose de Mai Face Oil  香緹卡五月玫瑰花妍極萃精華油
CHANTECAILLE Stress Repair Concentrate  香緹卡鑽石級眼霜
CHANTECAILLE Biodynamic Lifting Oil Free Fluid  香緹卡鑽石級乳液
CHANTECAILLE Retinol Intense+  香緹卡花妍煥采青春露PLUS
PAUL & JOE Eye Makeup Remover WP  PAUL & JOE 防水眼妝專用卸妝液


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