CHANTECAILLE Protect the Lions

imageimageChantecaille picks a wildlife cause and creates a philanthropy palette around it every spring and autumn. For Fall 2016, Chantecaille introduces the Protect the Lions collection. Which includes the Protect the Lions Eye Palette and Pride Cheek Shade.
今年秋妝香緹卡以獅子為主題推出Protect the Lions系列

When I found out about this collection, I knew I had to have the palette. The lion imprint just looks too pretty to pass up. And I like lions!
I was fully intending not to buy anything else other than the eye palette. But a visit to Chantecaille seems to always do more damage to my wallet than expected. It is a dangerous place. I ended up walking away with the cheek shade in my bag as well.
看到獅子眼影盤形象照當下 我就決定買!
因為我還蠻喜歡獅子的 這個壓紋太好看了我不想錯過
原本我是打定主意只要眼影盤就好 結果最後連腮紅也一起打包帶走 XD
香緹卡真的很危險 很容易讓人手滑 還是只有我?

I justified my purchase by telling myself that I did a good thing. Which is true. Five percent of proceeds from each eye palette and cheek shade sold will go to the Lion Guardians to help fund their conservation work with lions. Besides, the quad contains a whopping 0.42oz/12g of product (the blusher 0.80z/2.5g) that will last forever. It doesn’t seem that bad, does it?
我說服自己這是在做好事 不完全是亂買
因為每個獅子眼影盤和獅子頰彩的5%銷售受益都會捐給Lion Guardians
再說 四色眼影盤高達12g (腮紅2.5g) 可以用到天荒地老
這樣算下來 感覺沒那麼糟糕 對吧?imageCHANTECAILLE Protect the Lions Eye Palette (LE)
香緹卡Protect the Lions眼影彩妝盒 (限定品)imageCHANTECAILLE Pride Cheek Shade (LE)
香緹卡Pride Cheek Shade珍珠光采胭脂 (限定品)imageHere is my lousy attempt to describe colors.

Sand: pearl white with delicate gold shimmer (珍珠白 帶細微金色珠光)
African Topaz: honey coppery brown? (蜜糖棕?)
Rock: matte grey (啞光灰)
Amboseli: dark brown with a burgundy undertone (深褐色 帶勃根地紅調)

Pride: blush pink with a matte finish (霧面裸粉)imageimage

I think all the shades in this palette and this cheek color are very wearable and will never look dated. Save the Lion Eye Palette is a beautiful earthy color palette for autumn. My favorite shade is African Topaz. And Pride Cheek Shade is a lovely nude pink that goes with pretty much everything. I’ve been reaching for it ever since I bought it.
You can watch Chantecaille’s makeup artist demonstrating the looks, based on the Protect the Lions collection, on YouTube here, here, and here.
我覺得這次眼影和腮紅的顏色都很實用 不會過時
保育獅群限量眼影盤是漂亮的大地色彩 四色裡我最喜歡蜜糖棕
非洲榮耀胭脂頰彩則是百搭的美麗裸粉 最近每天都用它
YouTube上(這裡這裡, 還有這裡)可以看香緹卡的示範影片 真的很美

Bottom Line: Not just for the love of lions.


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